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The best way to clean hot tub filters?

Having your own hot tub is a great way to relax and unwind. The last thing you want to do when you get back into your hot tub is think about the dirt in the water. Taking a shower before entering the spa helps to remove these products. However, hair, sweat and other body fluids get into the water, affecting its cleanliness.

For this reason, the filter is one of the most critical parts of a spa. Its job is to remove any contaminants that may be present in the water and affect its quality. But a dirty filter with a lot of buildup prevents proper spa filtration. This leads to problems such as cloudy or yellowish water and the growth of bacteria. The consumption of chemicals also becomes unreasonable!

Weekly flushing

The best way to maximize good filtration is to clean the filters. Remove the spa filter and rinse it with water weekly to remove filter buildup. This is a quick clean, so you don’t need to use a product for this. Instead, use the garden hose or even the faucet, making sure to get between the folds for a more effective job. Do not use a pressure washer to remove the residue from the filter. The water jet should be gentle enough to avoid tearing or breaking the filter. Then, let the filter dry completely before reinstalling it in the spa.

How to deep clean filters?

First, always wear rubber gloves when handling your filter cartridge(s). Having multiple cartridgesgives you enough time to properly deep clean your filter. Allowing one or more filter cartridges to dry completely after cleaning will improve filter efficiency and longevity.

Cleaning Process: (recommended monthly for moderate use spas)

  • Remove filter cartridge(s) from filter housing and rinse with a garden hose to remove physical debris.
  • Prepare a solution of Mineraluxe Filter Revive and hot water (preferably) in a clean plastic bucket, wash tub or specific container for cleaning filters.
  • Light to moderate use – 200 ml of Mineraluxe Filter Revive – minimum soaking time 1 hour
  • Heavy Duty – 400 ml of Mineraluxe Filter Revive – minimum 3 hour soak
  • Once soaking is complete, remove the filter cartridge from the solution and rinse thoroughly with clean water from a garden hose or tap. Do not use a pressure washer, as this will damage the cartridge.
  • Once cleaning is complete, the used cleaning solution can be safely disposed of by pouring it down the drain

Mineraluxe Filter Revivenot only cleans cartridges effectively but digests the waste, leaving a clean solution for disposal. There is no longer a need to clean the wash tank, bucket or dip container. Mineraluxe Filter Revive will take care of that.

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