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Basic concept of the salt system

Notion of Did you know that 70% of all new pools built today are salt pools? Plus, they continue to gain popularity over traditional chlorine pools. Why?

Salt pools offer:

  • Freshening water and water that is gentler on the skin, hair, eyes and nose than traditional chlorine pools. 
  • Less time for maintenance and more time for fun. 
  • No unpleasant chlorine smell
  • No buying, storing, or even handling chlorine chemicals that are dangerous and expensive. 

salt system base

Requirements and care

Salt pools are very different from traditional chlorine pools.  They require unique equipment and special care.  With the proper support, it is an investment that will pay dividends in the total enjoyment of the pool for years to come.

Salt pools require specialized equipment and chemicals:

At the heart of the system is the electrolytic chlorine generator (ECG) – a sanitation system designed specifically for saltwater pools.  It uses a powerful cell to produce natural chlorine from salt and keeps disinfectant levels stable, avoiding frequent chlorine additions that are in no way necessary.

Salt pools require chemicals specifically designed to work in the harsh environment of the salt generator. Chemicals designed for use in traditional chlorine pools can break down as they pass through your salt system and damage it over time.

Are there different types of salt? Choosing the right one is key!

There are different types of salt on the market at different prices. However, stay on your guard! Not all salts are the same. Regular pool salts contain varying levels of undesirable contaminants that can cause problems specific to saltwater pools. In addition, the use of salts and chemicals not designed for saltwater pools can affect pools in a variety of ways, including

  • Stains – Inorganic materials such as metals are naturally found in low-grade salts and can lead to unsightly stains and pool discoloration. Even salts labeled as « food grade » can contain levels of inorganic materials that, while made for human consumption, can prove problematic when salt is added in large quantities to create a salt pool.
  • Cloudy water – Organic contaminants, especially those found in solar salt, can lead to cloudy and dull water.
  • Chlorine demand – Organic contaminants from conventional pool salts or the pool environment can cause inconsistent chlorine levels requiring constant chemical adjustments and additions.
  • Salt Cell Scaling – Scaling occurs naturally in the chlorine production process and can be aggravated by poor quality salts. It can result:
  1. Reducing chlorine levels that contribute to cloudy water and thereby the onset of algae formation.
  2. Longer operating time for the filtration system (pump, filter, etc.), which results in higher electricity bills.
  3. More cell cleanings, premature salt system failures, and therefore more time and expense.

When the salt system turns salt into chlorine, a very harsh environment is created, which includes:

  • High temperatures up to 120 degrees F
  • High chlorine levels to 50 ppm
  • PH ranges from 1.0 to 14.0 as water passes through the cell

The perfect solution for a salt pool

Whether you’re considering building a pool, converting your traditional pool to chlorine or better maintaining your existing salt pool, the Pristiva® 3-step system is the perfect solution. After conducting extensive research with pool builders, retailers and service companies to understand the unique needs and challenges of salt pools, we designed an entirely new program to not only meet, but exceed those needs.

The result is the Pristiva 3-Step System, fast and easy.

Pristiva uses a patented formula with a unique combination of powerful agents contained in our products Pristiva Primer and Pristiva Premium Shock. It is specifically formulated to improve the clarity and smoothness of your water, while protecting your pool finishes and equipment. Pristivaalso allows for quick and easy pool maintenance without purchasing other unnecessary products for your pool.