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Chlorine Pool Opening – Instructions

Here are some tips to help you open your pool efficiently!

Step 1: Remove the cover

  • If a solid pool cover is used, drain the water from the top of the cover using a submersible pump. Remove as many leaves and other debris as possible. A leaf catcher is a handy tool to have if there is an abundance of leaves and debris. The more water and debris you remove, the easier it will be to remove the liner. 
TIP: To make removing the liner easier, you can start filling the pool by placing your garden hose under the liner. This will raise the water level in the pool. It will be much easier to remove the last of the remaining water and debris.

  • Try to minimize water and/or debris that may fall back into the pool water. It is inevitable that some of the dirty water will manage to get back in, so don’t worry. Using a premium starter kit to detoxify and deep clean your pool will take care of this problem in no time.
  • If a safety or mesh cover was used, simply unhook the connections and remove it from the pool. 
  • Whatever type of mesh cover was used, once removed from the pool, spread it out on a flat, clean surface. Clean it as needed.

Step 2: Prepare the pool:

  • Once the liner is removed
  • Prepare the skimmer by removing all winterization devices such as plugs, foam rope and gizmos. Reconnect the pump and return lines. Retighten any collars or fittings (if applicable).
  • Don’t worry about removing the antifreeze Dazzle Premium that was used at the closing. It is non-toxic and breaks down easily if there is any in the pool water. If antifreeze Dazzle Premium has not been used and you are unsure of the type of antifreeze used, a vacuum should be used to remove as much of the antifreeze as possible and dispose of it safely.
  • Reinstall all parts of the skimmer to make it functional, including the basket and weir (also called the flapper door). Check for broken or missing parts. If so, they need to be replaced (make a list).

  • Remove the caps from the return water lines and reinstall the fittings (jets). When reinstalling the return fittings, do not over tighten and always position the directional eye down at a 45° angle. If possible, point them in a circular motion to maximize circulation (i.e., point them all down and slightly to the right or left). If you don’t tighten the returns too much, you have the ability to easily change directions throughout the season.
  • Reinstall drain plugs on all pool equipment. Lubricate the plugs and O-rings with a silicone-based lubricant such as Jacks Magic Lube and reinstall them. 
  • Replace the pump strainer basket and lubricate the O-ring around the cover. 
  • Replace the manometer(s) and the glass bottle onto the filter. Reconnect the backwash line if it is disconnected. If it is a DE cartridge or filter, reinstall the elements/cartridges.
  • Perform a final check of all equipment and connections to make sure they are properly connected, the correct parts are back in place, and nothing is missing.

Tip: Lubricate the pump O-ring with a silicone-based lubricant such as Jack’s Magic Lube. This will ensure a good seal.

  • Replace any equipment you have, such as ladders, handrails, diving boards, etc.  Be sure to connect any grounding wires or straps that may have been attached to metal parts.

Tip: Lubricate all bolts on the diving board, ladders and/or handrails.  This will keep them from rusting during the summer, making it easier for you to close the pool.

  • Fill the pump with water and prime it. Always start a sand filter in the « Drain/Waste » position.  Start the pump and check the system for leaks or drips. After a few moments, stop the pump and put it in the « Flush » position. After a few moments, use the « Backwash » position and finally, in the « Filter » position. Check that the flow is correct in each of these positions and that there are no leaks. 
  • At this point, you can run a sweeper and brush the pool surfaces.

For the following, you will need a premium opening kit from Dazzle.

  1. Remove organic waste that has accumulated over the winter with Ultra Shock by Dazzle. If the pump and filter are working, apply slowly into the clean skimmer. If the system is not working, the product can be sprinkled into the deep end of the pool. Brush the pool immediately after applying Ultra Shock from Dazzle. Don’t do any backwash for 24 hours!
  2. Clean the water thoroughly with Dazzle Algae Clear 60 by pouring it directly into the pool water to begin your algae prevention program.
  3. If you need a deep clean or even faster clarification, use the Jack’s Magic Super Pacs. Add 1 bag to the skimmer Do not do any backwash for 24 hours!
  4. Once the pool is up and running, ask about theMineraluxe maintenance program. Watch Video ICI

Tip: run the system continuously for at least 24 hours before sampling and bringing your water for the first test of the season.

Your pool water is well balanced to start the season off right. Proper water balance is essential to ensure the protection of your pool surfaces, equipment, salt system and bathers. Plus, it saves you money and prevents future problems.

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