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Green pool water, what to do?

Sometimes, despite our best efforts to prevent them, those sneaky little spores find a way in and start growing. Maybe you didn’t have time to maintain your pool the way you wanted to, or maybe your filter got clogged without you realizing it. In either case, you have a problem and now you just need to know how to fix it. Algae removal may not be an exact science, but it does require a little biology.

Are you ready to get to work? Great! Let’s get started.

The DazzleAlgae Destruction Method is designed to be an easy-to-use and highly effective way to destroy algae problems with one application. The Dazzlemethod doesn’t waste water or require much work. Just apply the products and let them do their job!

1. Turn on the pump

During your pool treatment, your pump will need to run 24 hours a day. This prevents the water from stagnating. When reinstalling the return fittings, don’t over tighten and always position the directional eye down at a 45° angle. If possible, point them in a circular motion to maximize circulation (i.e., point them all down and slightly to the right or left). If you don’t tighten the returns too much, you’re free to change directions easily throughout the season.

2. Remove debris

Remove as much floating debris as possible with a netincluding algae and floating leaves. You can use your hands, a net or your kids. Whatever you want will get the job done!

3. brush your pool

Clean all surfaces of your pool thoroughly, including steps, corners, the pool wall and under ladders.

4. Vacuum your pool

Vacuum vacuum as much of your pool surface as possible to remove any algae or debris that has come loose during brushing, again making sure to clean under stairs, along the pool wall and on steps.

While I love a good robotic pool cleaner, it’s not the best at cleaning algae, so it’s best to do it manually.

5. Clean your filters

Your pool’s filtration system will be an essential part of removing dead algae! Do a backwash if you have a sand (or stone/glass) filtration system to clean it. If you have a cartridge system, be sure to clean the cartridges with a good water jet (pressure machine) to remove as much debris as possible. 

6. Swish your water

If possible, test and balance the water, especially the pH (7.4 – 7.6). All pool products work most effectively when the water is properly balanced.

7. Shock treatment

Add Dazzle Ultra Shock : This is a shock treatment for your pool. For best results, apply slowly into a clean, empty skimmer. Wait 15 minutes before applying the Algae Clear 60

Add Dazzle Algae Clear 60, our most potent all-purpose algicide. Apply by pouring the necessary amount on the edges of the pool. 


Sometimes not all algae problems can be destroyed in one application. Factors that determine this are 1) how long the algae has been growing, 2) what is the resistance of the algae strain you have, 3) what other factors may be contributing to the problem (e.g., faulty filtration or circulation, excessive phosphate, nitrate, or ammonia contamination, other chlorine demand problems (e.g., pollen).

If the pool water does not show noticeable signs of improvement within 48 hours, consult a technician at Seahorse Pool for next steps. It is likely that another application of Dazzle Ultra Shockwill be necessary.

When the water has lost its green color, we will often find scrambled water or clear water (for the lucky ones). This is perfectly normal! The cloudy water shows that all the algae has died, so we can begin the cleaning process to clarify the water.

8. Clarifying the pool

Apply a bag Jack’s Magic Super Pacs in the skimmer, our most effective product for accelerating the destruction of algae and digesting dead algae to return water to the desired clarity. In colder water, this may take longer, but the return to desired clarity should occur in 2-4 days. 

It will certainly take some time and a little work, but with the right tips and equipment, you’ll be an algae destruction expert in no time. Here’s a promotion to encourage you. Click here!