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How to quickly get rid of algae in your salt pool?

Saltwater pools, like chlorine pools, sometimes need to be super-chlorinated to deal with some common problems like algae. And while a saltwater pool is still technically a chlorinated pool with roughly the same level of sanitizer, the treatment works a little differently.

The method of algae destruction Pristiva is designed to be an easy-to-use and highly effective way to destroy algae problems with just one application, including water cleaning. It eliminates the need for messy, difficult-to-use flocculants and filter aids, saving you time and frustration. The Pristiva method doesn’t waste water or require much work. Just apply the products and let them do their job!

1. Cleaning and Water Balancing

First, brush and sweep into the pool to remove as much physical debris as possible. If possible, test and balance the water – especially the pH (7.4 – 7.6). All pool products work most effectively when the water is properly balanced, including salt pools. While treating your pool, your pump will need to run 24 hours a day.

2. Shock application

Add Pristiva Primer. Our multi-functional treatment designed specifically for saltwater pools. This product, combined with the Pristiva Premium Shock below, will provide the water with the necessary algae-killing ability. Apply by slowly pouring the necessary amount into the skimmer. Perform a backwash before adding the product if the filter has not been washed recently.

Add Pristiva Premium Shock, this product provides an initial shock treatment to the water and works symbiotically with Pristiva Primer to effectively control algae. Apply slowly into the clean, empty skimmer immediately after applying Pristiva Primer for best results.

To Note**

Sometimes not all algae problems can be destroyed in one application. Factors that determine this are 1) how long the algae has been growing, 2) what is the resistance of the algae strain you have, 3) what other factors may be contributing to the problem (e.g., faulty filtration or circulation, excessive phosphate, nitrate, or ammonia contamination, other chlorine demand problems (e.g., pollen).

If the pool water does not show noticeable signs of improvement within 48 hours, consult a technician at Seahorse Pool for next steps. It is likely that another application of Pristiva Premium Shockwill be required.

When the water has lost its green color. The lack of color indicates that the algae is dead and the cleaning process can begin.

3. Clarification & cleaning

Apply a bagJack’s Magic Super Pacs, our most effective product for accelerating the destruction of algae and digesting dead algae to return water to its desired clarity. In colder water, this may take longer, but the return to desired clarity should occur in 2-4 days. 


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