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From our family to yours

Piscine Hippocampe is a family business that has been recognized on the South Shore since 1977. It is a specialist in the sale and installation of inground pools, above-ground pools, spas, gazebos and garden furniture as well as a wide range of exclusive products.


Welcome to Piscine Hippocampe

Our store located in Delson specializes in the sale and installation of pools and spas. We offer the best brands of spas and pools as well as a large selection of garden furniture and gazebos.

A thoughtful service

The importance of exceptional after-sales service is not lost on us. It is a priority for us that our customers are able to enjoy their new pool, spa or garden furniture.

Whether you’re hosting a pool party for friends and family or prefer the serene feel of a quiet pool, Seahorse Pool has the pool and spa solutions you need. Take your pool experience to the next level with quality and efficient products, so you can enjoy the magical and wonderful moments by your pool, leaving you the time – and peace of mind – to create them.

Our mission

Our goal is to transform pools, swim spas and hot tubs into exceptional experiences for homeowners. We want to provide healthier and more natural water care systems and solutions.

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Share the gift of water

Currently, 900 million people in the world do not have access to a safe water source within one kilometer of their home; 2.5 billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation; 1 in 4 people in developing countries do not have access to sanitation. Women and girls, in particular, must walk miles seven days a week to fetch water from streams and ponds. This water is full of waterborne diseases that make them and their families sick and prevent them from receiving an education equal to that of men.

Access to clean water is fundamental to the development of any community. Clean water gives hope and unleashes potential.

With every purchase of a Dazzle product, you will help us raise the funds needed to build wells in Africa for those who need it most.